Hughes Intelligence

Private Investigation

Hughes Intelligence Canada is a private investigation company, licensed by the Province of Ontario to provide investigative and security services to a wide range of clients.

Our company is presently serving a large number of clients in the insurance, corporate and legal communities, and a number of federal, provincial and municipal departments. Alongside very specialized services, we also offer more general solutions that fall within the expertise of private investigation.

Since 1994, we have successfully served the insurance and corporate community. Hughes Intelligence has developed a reputation for quality, reliability, and professional integrity, while meeting our clients’ concerns for cost effectiveness.

We are results orientated and offer competitive rates, while working with our clients to meet their expectations and budget limitations.

Looking for a Friend or Family Member?

Hughes Intelligence has a virtually perfect track record in finding that long lost person; let us help you! Call us or contact us and we will get you in touch quickly!

All surveillances are low profile, using the latest equipment and technology. Our clients receive identification photographs of the subject, residence and vehicles in the report body, as well as capture footage of the subject’s activities and mobility.

Hughes Intelligence is presently retained by a number of legal firms in our areas of service to provide them with our investigation and surveillance services. Hughes Intelligence provides Process Services with fast and accurate results.

Corporate clients, municipal and government clients, as well as small businesses have all had employees that abuse this employment insurance benefit, causing the company monetary loss in time, large surcharges, and safety ratings. 

Clients, on occasion, have subjects that are traveling abroad and are sometimes working or traveling on business. We conduct surveillance, on Canadian subjects traveling out of country, providing critical evidence to dispute their claim.

We at Hughes Intelligence Canada have many years of experience in Corporate Security & Loss Prevention, and are able to work with you to create a plan to help prevent loss and internal fraud, as well as keep you and your premises safe.

Hughes Intelligence Canada’s expert Collision Reconstruction team analyzes the evidence left behind by collisions to answer the important questions about why they happened. 

We deliver the documents to individuals who are involved in the case like defendants, witnesses, and other parties mentioned in the legal proceedings.

Security Systems

Our personnel are trained and experienced in providing Close Protection Services regardless of the social setting, environmental factors, or level of threat.