Hughes Intelligence

international investigations

Clients, on occasion, have subjects that are traveling abroad on holidays and are sometimes working and traveling on business. We have conducted surveillance, on Canadian subjects traveling out of country, providing critical evidence to dispute their claim.


Hughes Intelligence has conducted a number of investigations for Insurance and Corporate Clients in other countries.

Hughes Intelligence also has a database of Professional and Reliable Investigation Firms, in the United States and across Canada, that our Company has done business with and meets our own high standards of integrity, and professionalism. Upon receiving a request for an investigation, we will contact the referring Firm and monitor their investigation, to ensure it meets our Clients, expectations and budget.

We have also conducted fraud investigations in Ontario, for clients in other countries and, upon completion, have assisted them in taking the necessary legal action.

The management team meets with the client, upon receiving a request, and works with the client in targeting objectives and setting up a budget with which to complete the investigation and/or surveillance.

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