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Long Term Care

In the Senior Living Security Services Program, our team at Hughes Intelligence strives to make an immediate and positive impact on your environment. We have been servicing the senior living industry since 2009, so we are familiar, confident and have the skills to make a difference for you and your hardworking team.

It is our goal to assist as many independent living, assisted living and nursing home environments in Ontario as we can. Bringing our professionalism and resident-centred skills to your team is what this is all about.

Long Term Care Security

Our team is committed to you.

Hughes Intelligence Canada has been working in multiple nursing home environments throughout Southwestern Ontario for over 11 years. Our team has specialized training for working with dementia patients in a 1 on 1 scenario, which allows nurses and personal support workers to be where they are needed most. As we are all well aware, Nursing home teams throughout Ontario and Canada have and will continue to work with under their required staffing numbers. Our company is committed to reducing workplace stress by fulfilling the staff shortage of our clients.

Our entire Hughes Intelligence Canada team has been trained to conduct COVID-19 testing for our clients. Additionally, our team has been trained to assist with the lifting and feeding of residents. Therefore, senior management are able to concentrate on delivering focused nursing care effectively and efficiently.

For long term care home environments, our security guards are prepared with pre/post knowledge retention testing, breaking the chain of infection, PPE application and removal, hand hygiene, when to wash hands and use alcohol hand rub, cleaning, disinfection and isolation signage precautions. Site supervisors receive extra training: Illness and case management and documentation standards in a seniors community.

Services we provide

What does all of this mean?

You are able to trust us and know we have the skills to provide exceptional services and the highest standards of integrity and compassion to work alongside your existing team members in a synergistic manner. We will be right beside you, removing barriers and come with a solution based, front line experience.

A really important tip for all Long Term Care Executive Directors/Managers/Administrators:

For those managing LTC settings as it relates to High Intensity Needs Funding (HINF) by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, which assists in payment of Hughes staffing as supplementary staff. Note that the following HINF categories remained as claims-based categories. In addition, for these claims based categories as of January 1, 2013, the ministry pays 95% of the eligible expenditure and requires that LTC homes share the remaining 5% of the cost. This practice is to encourage better supply chain practices. LTC homes are expected to pay for the 5% share using funding from other ministry sources.

MOHLTC covers this funding to reduce risk in a LTC setting. “Significant Risk” is defined in this manual as:

  1. Exposure to noticeable and not miniscule possibility of injury occurring.
  2. Circumstances that are causing for the safety, welfare and/or well-being of the person are present to a significant extent.
  3. Significant risks that have a high level of probability of occurring.

However, under exceptional circumstances, an HINF claim may be submitted and funding may be provided for additional staffing costs for a resident who requires:

  • Short-term one-to-one care and supervision because that resident is at significant risk of harming themselves or others.
  • As a result of responsive behaviours and the resident falls within at least one of the following categories as per the High Intensity Needs Fun Manual, November 2015
  • Current residents with ongoing, emerging responsive behaviours where there is a significant risk of seriously harming themselves or others.
  • Newly admitted residents with ongoing or emerging responsive behaviours, who have a significant risk of seriously harming themselves or others.
  • Residents newly transferred from hospital or other facilities back to a LTC home with ongoing, emerging responsive behaviours, with a significant risk of seriously harming themselves or others.
  • Residents returning from a psychiatric leave of absence or Form 1 referral with ongoing responsive behaviours who require support as part of their reintegration back into the home and who exhibit a significant risk of seriously harming themselves or others.

Click here to learn more about High Intensity Needs Funding.

“The Hughes Intelligence team, have been integral in assisting Trillium Villa Nursing Home meet the unique care needs of residents that reside here. Over a year ago, Hughes was contacted to fill a number of supplementary staffing vacancies which provide companionship and ensure the safety of all residents within the Trillium community. To date, Hughes has supplied consistent, caring and qualified staff to safely navigate responsive behaviors and most recently infection prevention and control matters in the setting of our long term care community. The continued oversight from on-site supervisors or the Vice President of Security Operations has helped build an open, collaborative relationship through frequent and ongoing touch points. The Trillium Villa Nursing Home team would highly recommend Hughes Intelligence to meet the needs of your long term care or other seniors living communities.”

Kelly Batson, Reg.N. BScN. MN(c), CIC(c)

Manager of Resident Care, Education and Operations

Trillium Villa Nursing Home, 1221 Michigan Avenue, Sarnia, ON, N7S 3Y3

“From day one, Hughes Intelligence has been focused and client-centered in their approach to our residence and the Rosewood team. Knowing that they are keeping us safe and just as important, freeing up time for our personal support workers and/or nurses to do the work that is needed in a less-stressed environment, is essential to avoid staff burnout. Every retirement home/long term care residence in the province would benefit from this program. Hughes Intelligence is an awesome service, they are extremely reliable. They have never let us down.”

Jenica Tanguay

Executive Director

Rosewood Village, 711 Indian Road North, Sarnia, ON, N7T 7Z5