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Loss Prevention

Unfortunately, several retail stores, establishments and corporations experience unexplained losses throughout the years that they are in operation, which in turn does not just affect the company owners, but everyone at large. How is everyone affected? Lower productivity, poor employee morale, reduced profits and higher prices for the products, to name a few.


Hughes Intelligence offers our Loss Prevention Services to all establishments, retail stores and corporations to help prevent these unexplained losses at cost effective rates.

We also offer our Loss Prevention Services to be sub-contracted out by fellow Security Companies throughout South-Western Ontario.

Hughes Intelligence maintains an on-going quality control program to ensure maximum results are achieved by generating increased long-term profits and loss recovery. We maintain a low key presence and prevail at creating a more productive work environment for everyone.

Loss Prevention includes services such as loss prevention and compliance audits, mystery shoppers, surveillance, internal investigations of fraud and theft, store opening and closing and parcel checks, serve Trespass Notices and apprehension of criminal activity. We also monitor footage from surveillance cameras, assess and maintain store safety and enforce company rules among employees while performing Loss Prevention.

Hughes Intelligence is fully trained in use of force, powers of arrest, report writing and surveillance techniques. Our personnel go undetected unless requested by the establishment to make our presence known.

Contact our Office today for a free consultation. We can discuss options and avenues that need to be taken to start saving you and your establishment money immediately by preventing unexplained losses.

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