Hughes Intelligence

Strike security

Hughes Intelligence offers Private Investigators, Security Personnel and Executive Security Assistance with all corporations that find themselves involved in an upcoming or ongoing strike.


Our services suit the situation, location and our client's requirements.

Our personnel excel in professionalism and are fully licensed and trained in the protection of property and personnel through use of force, powers of arrest, trespass notices, report writing and surveillance techniques. Our personnel are highly trained in labour disputes, plant closures and emergency response situations. Hughes Intelligence performs these services with optimum safety in mind and we ensure everything remains non-confrontational and most importantly, secure.

Our Strike Security also covers Strike Management, Contingency Planning, Logistics Scheduling and Transportation, and Communication Command Centers.

If you are aware of an upcoming strike in your company or you currently find yourself in the midst of an ongoing strike, please contact us and we can discuss the best coverage for you, your company and employees, while maintaining a cost effective rate.

Services we provide