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Looking to become a Security Guard or Private Investigator? Hughes Intelligence has the lessons you need to pass your Ontario Security Guard License Exam and Ontario Private Investigator Exam!

To work as a security guard and/or private investigator in Ontario, you must have a valid licence. You can obtain a licence by passing a course from an approved training entity, showing proof of a clean criminal record, and successfully completing a 60-question exam.

Hughes Intelligence is an approved training provider for Security Guards and Private Investigators. Sign up now!

With an Ontario security guard licence, your main job is to protect people and property. Licensed security guards can get jobs as bodyguards, bouncers, concierges, airport security, event security and more.

When you receive your Ontario private investigator licence you may start working in a  job where your main duties may include conducting investigations in order to provide critical information on an individual.

Specialized Training

Hughes Intelligence also offers specialized courses in the following:

  • Collision Reconstruction Training Course
  • Executive/Corporate Driver Training

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The process for getting your licence is governed by the Private Security and Investigative Services Act and its Regulations.

To become a security guard or Private Investigator in Ontario, you must first enroll in a security guard / private investigator training course, like the ones offered at Hughes Intelligence. Once you’ve completed the training program and passed the final exam, you’ll be able to register for the Ontario Security Guard / Private Investigator Licence Exam using the Training Completion Number provided to you by the company that distributed your training class. If you pass, you can apply for the respective security guard or private investigator licence. If you fail, you can take the test again as many times as necessary, but you must pay the full test fee for each attempt.

With the Hughes Intelligence training course, time is on your side. You are in complete control of your progress and can move through the material as fast or as slow as you like. The course does not expire, so you will always have access to the materials. We update the course materials on a regular basis so you can rest assured that it will always reflect the latest case law and best practices.

In Ontario, if you are being paid to do work that consists mainly of protecting persons or properties then you need to be licensed. This includes anyone acting as a bodyguard, bouncer and private investigation (loss prevention personnel).

To work as a private investigator in Ontario, you will need a private investigator’s licence if you’re being paid and your main duties are:

  • Conducting investigations in order to provide information
  • Conducting investigations into the character or actions of a person
  • Conducting investigations into an individual’s business or occupation
  • Conducting investigations into the whereabouts of persons or property.

you must be 18 years of age or older.

You must be eligible to work in Canada.

You must have a clean criminal record (Not all criminal offences disqualify you).

You must successfully complete security guard training from an authorized training entity and pass the Ministry test.

Serco DS and the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is responsible for your licensing application.

It is now the applicants’ responsibility to register and/or renew their own licence every 2 years.

Your security guard or private investigator licence has an expiry date that is linked to your date of birth. The first time you apply for a licence, your licence will expire two birthdays after the day it is issued. For example, if your birthday is  December 15th and your first licence was issued on October 1st, 2019, your licence will expire on December 15th, 2020.

When your licence is renewed, the renewal date will always be two years in the future and
linked to your date of birth.

Security Guard – $99 +tax

Private Investigator – $99 +tax